One of the hardest things we come across when meeting with small-business owners and managers is to convince them that the lowest cost IT provider isn’t always their best choice. Relying on a break/fix company that doesn’t focus on proactive management, or a single tech to maintain their workforce’s productivity and data protection is unwise.

The Problem With Low-Cost Break-Fix Services

When you rely on a low-cost break/fix service, your IT company has no incentive to ensure your technology keeps running properly. Think about this, the more often they visit you to make repairs, the more they get paid. Businesses rarely save money by relying on the break-fix IT method where you call an IT management company when an issue occurs.

Plus, with a break-fix company, you won’t get the immediate service you need. The break/fix approach costs more in the end and you can’t get immediate service. When you have a problem and need help right away, you can’t always count on them. And, if an issue arises after hours, you’ll probably have to wait until morning to reach the company. As you know, every minute without your technology means money out the window.

Hiring And Employing In-House Techs Is Expensive

And when you depend on one tech to take care of your technology assets, where will you be when he goes on vacation, gets sick, or decides to move out of town? The right IT Provider is available 24/7 and will take all your technology worries off your hands.  Your technology operations won’t be disrupted by illnesses, vacations, family issues and holidays.

You also won’t have to spend the time and effort recruiting, hiring, training or managing an IT employee. You also won’t have to pay for benefits like healthcare, sick and vacation leave, workman’s comp or unemployment insurance.

Many business owners and directors don’t even know what an IT employee does, so how can you ensure they are proactively and effectively handling your IT needs?  With an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) you’ll have a contract to back the service they provide, and your costs will be predictable.  And, instead of getting the expertise of one person you’ll have a full team of professionals from an MSP.

Why settle for poor, low-cost service or the expense of hiring a tech will cost you? Instead, look to an IT MSP like Sobo in Atlanta, Georgia.

What To Look For In An IT Managed Service Provider

In today’s constantly changing, technology-driven world, organizations are turning to MSPs to handle all elements of their technology needs. Smart business owners and managers have become more familiar with managed services and rely on them for IT functions like email hosting, customer relationship management (CRM) applications, data storage, backup and recovery and network monitoring.

A properly designed and managed IT system increases your firm’s productivity, security, and value.

You should look for an MSP who will act as your IT Partner; one who will ensure your IT infrastructure supports your organization’s short-and long-term goals. Your IT provider should also have the capability to continually monitor and backup your IT systems. They should provide both hybrid and private clouds so you can depend on a system that’s protected and accessible from anywhere 24 x 7 and is encrypted and secure. This ensures your staff is always productive, even during a power outage or any disastrous situation, and it prevents work downtime.

As the managed services provider market matures, you should resist the urge to go with the lowest-cost provider in favor of a partner that understands your business and can help you achieve strategic goals.

Your IT MSP Should:

  • Help you meet compliance demands for industry or legal regulations.
  • Ensure 24 x 7 access and complete security of your data and IT infrastructure.
  • Provide data backup and recovery for all your computer devices and servers.
  • Protect your system from computer viruses and cybercrime.
  • Monitor and manage application patches remotely.
  • Provide remote access for service and support with 24 x 7 Help-Desk hours.
  • Monitor your network for issues or intrusions and prevent IT problems before they occur.
  • Be certified on the latest IT network, software and hardware solutions.
  • Provide cost-effective IT solutions.
  • Reduce your hardware, software, service and support costs.
  • Provide access to the most current applications without you investing in expensive equipment and software licenses.
  • Conduct Security Audits for your business to detect both internal and external threats.
  • Prevent expensive IT surprises.
  • Offer IT Advisory Services and thorough analysis of your business operations to determine the perfect mix of services as a part of your business technology strategy.
  • Provide a service level agreement with clearly defined goals, offering review periods so you can grade them on their performance.

Don’t go with an MSP that offers you a cookie-cutter service-level agreement (SLA). It’s much better to seek ones like Sobo that will craft a customized contract based on your business and needs.

Sobo provides all of this and much more for your business in the Atlanta Area. 

We know that saving money is important for you, and we can help. We’re offering a free, no-obligation, cost-saving IT assessment where we’ll look at your current IT infrastructure and provide advice on how you can cut costs.

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