5 Questions for Architects to Ask When Choosing Your Next Data Backup Service


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Engineering, architecture, and design firms have complex storage needs, with large files, specialized programs, and information that need to be accessible. And along with other companies that store data in the cloud, there is the ever-present concern that data will be kept safe and secure.

The unique industry needs and safety protections required are why many companies today choose to use an outsourced company for their data storage needs. With a managed IT solution, Atlanta companies gain a trusted partner that can help them find technology solutions for their greatest data and network needs.

For data backup solutions in Atlanta GA, companies look to Sobo to provide them with the tools, insights and practical solutions that will have a positive impact on the business.

No matter what solution you need, when it comes to deciding on a data backup provider, it’s important to have all the information you need in order to make an educated decision.

Have Concerns Or Questions? Here Are The Top Questions You Need To Ask When Interviewing Data Backup Service Companies In Atlanta

Here are a few questions to ask to make the best decision.

1. Can Your Solution Support the Data Files and Sizes I Need?

Engineers, architects, and designers depend on data files for their work. In the past, blueprints, contracts, drawings, and sketches were paper-based, but today digital files are the norm. You also need storage that supports a range of file types, many of which are data-intensive and take up a lot of space.

Keeping files safe and accessible means having a regular process in place for backing up data. A data backup solution should accommodate common files and application types, including AutoCAD drawings and files, calendar files, client information, contacts, contracts, CGI renderings, marketing materials, and photographs.

Losing this data can be devastating, meaning it needs to be backed up regularly and in multiple locations. Your data backup solution should automate backups and store your information in different servers in different locations.

2. How Fast Can I Scale for More Capacity If Needed?

When you don’t have enough storage capacity, you and your teams can be very frustrated. Systems are sluggish, files don’t load when you need them to, and files can be lost. With a hosted file system, you can access your files without worrying about having enough bandwidth to support multiple simultaneous users and demands on software programs. As your business evolves, you may find yourself with too much-unused server capacity or not enough to support a growing business.

You want a data backup solution in place that can scale quickly. Ask your solutions provider how quickly additional storage capacity can be brought online.

3. How Does This Save Me Money?

A data backup solution should be able to cut down on long-term capital expenditures and IT labor costs at a minimum. Instead of having to wait for capital spending cycles, firms can simply budget for the monthly expense of a data backup partner. If more storage is needed, there’s no need to build additional data centers when additional capacity can be added in the moment of need.

Data centers are expensive, requiring the space to house servers and other equipment. They also need to be powered and cooled. Finally, these centers need to be maintained, meaning using existing IT resources to ensure that server patches and service packs are installed in a timely manner. With a data backup solution in Atlanta, companies can shift many of these long-term costs to a monthly operating expense, reducing the need for staff or allowing for those resources to be used for other work.

4. How Do You Keep My Data Safe?

Data security is one of the most critical areas for data backup and storage. You need to be confident that the data you store in the cloud is protected from malware, viruses, and other hacking attacks. Ask your backup provider about what tools they use to keep data and systems secure from cyber attack; they should be using multiple, sophisticated technologies to ensure that data is protected from both virtual and physical intrusion.

In the case of a cyber attack or a natural disaster, a secure data backup solution will allow for rapid access to your data, stored offsite in multiple locations. Even if your physical workplace is affected, your data will be accessible online, minimizing disruption for employees and clients.

5. Can I Access My Files from Anywhere on Different Devices?

Architects, designers, and engineers need access to files from remote locations, home offices, work sites, and clients’ offices. That’s the advantage of a data backup solution that allows for easy access to files no matter where your teams are located. Check with your data backup solution provider about how data can be accessed on different operating systems, devices and regions.

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