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Cloud storage and cloud computing are tightly linked processes, but as an involved business owner, we know it’s important for you to be able to understand and identify the different IT needs of your company. With both cloud storage and cloud computing becoming more accessible to smaller businesses due to affordability and convenience, now is the time to become familiar with these services. Here are the big differences between the two and how they can work together to improve your business’ productivity:

Cloud Storage refers to data storage and sharing mediums. This enables you to upload data through the internet to cloud-based servers, so your workplace isn’t filled with USB sticks, hard drives, and paper copies of information. Moreover, cloud storage allows you and your employees to access that data later on from various devices. With improved collaboration opportunities between employees, safely preserved confidential documents, and almost unlimited storage capacity, cloud storage makes tracking company progress more convenient than ever. What small- and mid-sized companies are starting to fully embrace now is the benefits of private cloud storage. Since Sobo’s virtual IT team offers private cloud storage and support, your company’s information remains on a private network to achieve a higher level of security than current public cloud storage offers.

Cloud Computing is linked directly to cloud storage, but is about the process of work on and completing projects that are stored in the cloud. This means that documents and data are continually saved as you develop them, reducing the risk of losing important information and valuable company time. Remember in last month’s blog when we defined SaaS? Cloud computing is a great example of the type of Software as a Service that Sobo provides. We offer this service to meet the needs of our clientele, who want to participate in project development from remote locations through cloud computing and need assistance with maintaining the higher processing power it requires.

Together, cloud storage and cloud computing prepare your business to adapt to the changing economic landscape. As employees shift between company retail locations, offices, work travel, and home, these two services allow workers to easily connect and collaborate on projects, leading to improved efficiency and innovation. Private cloud storage and cloud computing can be personalized to adapt to your business’ growing demands, including reducing communication barriers while maintaining security; this way, you can grant different forms of access on your cloud storage to employees, clients, and subcontractors. Furthermore, with everyone collaborating through cloud computing rather than private desktop applications, you and your virtual IT team are able to monitor staff progress on important documents with upcoming deadlines.The modernization of US economies through IT services like cloud storage and cloud computing offers a wealth of opportunities for your business to innovate its structure and increase profitability. With Sobo’s help, your specialized cloud can be implemented swiftly and upgraded regularly to adapt to sudden changes like what we’ve experienced with COVID-19. Call us today at 404-999-0712 or visit us online to learn more about our services.

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