Comprehensive IT Management versus vCIO Services (Service Comparison)


Why A Fully-Managed IT Advisor is Better than a vCIO

Rising above the vCIO hype for a return to the true full-service experience

So, here’s the thing. Everyone may be talking about the vCIO craze but does anyone have a solid understanding of what the vCIO experience really means? We often hear from confused professionals, wondering what vCIO is all about. Why is it, that something so apparently popular, is so confusing among consumers?

Our guess is that the vCIO experience promises an all-encompassing, full-support experience. However, the solution provided to consumers is completely virtual and lacks the personal touch required to provide a full-care customer experience. This leaves customers with big promises and very little follow through.

So, we’ve decided to use this confusion as an opportunity to explore the top reasons why developing a partnership with a fully managed IT advisor trumps the flashy but ultimately limited vCIO experience. Let’s explore the top reasons below.

    1. Real-Life Support and Boots on The Ground
      Virtual solutions promise anytime and anywhere support. But does it really work that way? When your managed IT partner is virtual, you don’t have easy access to an actual person who will listen to your problem or question and work with you to solve it. An actual CIO is someone who knows your network in-and-out and can help you make strategic planning decisions about network optimization. How exactly is a virtual solution supposed to do all of that?

      A real-life and professional IT advisor is an actual person that you can get ahold of no matter what. They have experience and instincts from the field that a virtual solution simply can’t match. Even better? If you need boots on the ground or a face-to-face conversation, a vCIO doesn’t measure up to a strategic professional. A fully-managed IT advisor will make time to ensure you can be face-to-face whenever necessary.

    2. Tangible Experience & Expertise
      The vCIO experience promises to take tech tangles out of your hair by completing outsourcing to a virtual solution that you don’t have to worry about. However, what about building your own expertise, planning for the long-term and learning from a professional in the trade?

      A managed IT advisor can offer concrete experience and expertise that will be shared directly with your firm. For instance, Sobo is committed to providing strategic IT advisory and management as opposed to promising some all-encompassing virtual solution. The Sobo team includes enterprise levels of senior IT management including a former CIO who has experience working with countless Fortune 500 firms. This kind of experience and expertise simply can’t be provided by a virtual solution – no matter how revolutionary it claims to be.

    3. Strategic & Long-term Partnership
      Finally, vCIO solutions may seem like they have long-term stamina, however, IT is evolving rapidly and technology for business is no exception. A vCIO solution may seem perfect for today’s IT climate, but what happens when things radically shift as they have in the past? Will your virtual solution be able to offer consultation and strategic planning as things change?

      A fully-managed IT advisor is your consistent finger on the pulse of business and IT development. The right partner can help you and your team proactively plan for the future. This includes making plans for scalability and growth, while also introducing you to IT developments that make sense for your company. This kind of consultative simply couldn’t exist without an in-person connection


Don’t Believe the Hype: Nothing Beats Strategic Business Partnership

Simply put, no virtual solution – no matter the price or promised convenience – can measure up to a personalized and strategic business partnership with an experienced IT advisor. Providers who promise the full-service experience with a virtual solution are forgetting that personalization and customization are what defines the full-service experience.

When looking for a strategic IT advisor and management partner, find someone who’s willing to customize their services to meet your needs. Additionally, find someone who is willing to commit and work alongside you to design the perfect service experience. The best thing you could ask for in a fully managed IT advisor is a long-term partnership.

Half the battle is reaching out. If you have questions or concerns for an IT advisor or consultant, never hesitate to reach out for an initial consultation. The best way to understand if an advisor is right for you is to reach out and get an idea of what they can offer. As we said, a little one-on-one service really does go a long way.

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