IT Advisory

Sobo offers world-class IT support with the skillsets needed to maintain your current IT environment. However, supporting your existing environment is only the first step. Our on-site approach allows us to make direct observations and ask powerful questions, giving us the necessary insight to strategically shape your firms future. Sobo acts as your personal CTO – ensuring an IT environment that allows your firm optimal production both in the present and the future. We’ll provide the strategic planning and guidance necessary to maintain a competitive advantage through appropriate technology implementation tailored to your firm’s specific needs.


One of the toughest tasks of an Office Relocation is knowing what to do with your computer equipment. Ensure a seamless move by allowing Sobo Networks to coordinate breakdown, delivery, setup, and service provisioning. This will minimize downtime, guarantee the security of sensitive business data and avoid the hassle of relocating equipment.

Security Audits

An Information Technology Security Audit is a systematic approach designed to evaluate the security of an Information Technology infrastructure. Protect your business from both internal and external threats with a comprehensive security audit of your company’s IT systems. This will enable you to proactively defend important business assets and critical information. Many times, a security breach is not detected until many weeks or even months after the fact. This requires your business to allocate resources on disaster-containment, legal, and PR efforts. Don’t wait for disaster to strike before running an audit.

Productivity Monitoring

Is your workforce experiencing productivity issues? How do you know? Improve your company’s productivity by identifying, highlighting, and addressing key factors, behaviors, and issues that can negatively impact the efficiency of your workforce. We help your company achieve the perfect balance of restraints and freedom within your information technology infrastructure, saving your company lost time and effort.

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