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The information technology tools used by Architect and Design firms have evolved throughout the years. Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software has become user-friendly and features rich, computers have become faster, and new patterns for consuming IT services (such as cloud computing) have emerged.

The effective use of technology can become a competitive advantage. However, effectively managing the IT infrastructure of any business and making the most of that advantage is not a simple task.

IT services providers, such as the Sobo team in Atlanta, help business offload some or all of the work related to managing and maintaining their IT Infrastructure. Getting technology support from experienced IT services professionals can help businesses not only reduce the cost and risk associated with maintaining their IT infrastructure, but also help them ensure that they have a sound IT strategy in place to adapt to existing and future challenges.

Finding the right technology provider for your firm can be a challenge. Let’s get started with the top five questions you should ask your IT Service Provider.

5 Questions To Ask Your Current Atlanta IT Service Provider

  1. What Is Your Experience With Architects And Design Firms?
    In today’s highly competitive environment you have to partner with industry experts that can give you a competitive insight. Choosing an IT support professional should be no different, you need an IT services provider that has experience helping Architects and Design firms meet the challenge of managing and maintaining today’s complex design technology.
  2. How Will You Assure The Quality Of The Services?
    IT Service providers have different methods for measuring the quality of the services they provide. A widely used method is Service Level Agreements. SLAs are basically a contract between the provider and the client, that state what services are going to be provided, how the level or quality of those services is going to be measured, the escalation process in case of any incident, and the duration of the services. Another alternative – especially when you work on a project basis – is the Project Quality Plan. This plan describes a set of planned, systematic actions to ensure that the products and services delivered comply with specified requirements.

    Before you sign any contract with an IT services provider, make sure you have a clear understanding of the services that are going to be provided, and how the quality of those services is going to be measured.

  3. What Kind Of Customer Support Can I Expect?
    Your IT infrastructure can experience unexpected problems. You want an IT services provider that can act fast and get your systems up and running as soon as possible. Make sure your IT support team provides you with emergency support – even on evenings and weekends. Also, make sure they offer you multiple contact channels — phone, email, and live chat.
  4. How Fast Can I Move To Another Service Provider?
    This is a hard question because you are letting them know that you will be ready to move on to another provider if they don’t deliver the quality of service to which they are committing. You don’t want to be locked in with a provider that does not deliver quality services, so make sure you have a clear exit plan in case things don’t go as expected.
  5. How Will You Protect My Data?
    Security incidents can expose your data and cause an extensive financial and reputational damage for your business. It is imperative that your IT Service Provider has the right measures in place to assure that your data is secured.

What IT Services can Sobo Offer to Atlanta Architects and Design Firms

Sobo has been helping Architects and Design firms in the Atlanta area since our inception. Our professional IT consultants will help you design and implement world-class IT infrastructure for your business.

Once your IT infrastructure is in place, you’ll want – and need – someone to manage and maintain your IT assets as well as monitor them for operational integrity. Here are some of the services we offer to deliver ongoing IT support to Architectural and Design companies.

IT Strategy

Sobo will help your company develop and maintain IT infrastructure that adapts to existing and future needs. Our IT consultants deliver executive-level consulting to give you the information your company needs to make the important decisions.

Security Audits

Security incidents can be expensive to manage and have the potential to damage the reputation of your firm. Sobo will help you protect your business from internal and external threats with a comprehensive security audit of your company’s IT systems

Productivity Monitoring

Sobo technicians will help you identify and address key factors, behaviors, and issues that can negatively impact the efficiency of your workforce. Our specialists will help you achieve the perfect balance between cost and efficiency to unlock the potential of your team.

Relocation Services

If you have to move your business to a new location (because of a planned move or in an emergency situation), Our team can handle the coordination, delivery, and setup of your computer equipment. This will minimize downtime, guarantee the security of sensitive business data, and avoid the hassle of relocating equipment.

IT Support

Why run the risk of service interruption due to IT problems? Sobo provides on-site IT support and remote support! Our infrastructure management services that allow us to remotely and proactively monitor your IT infrastructure – including desktops, laptops, printers, servers and back-end appliances – to ensure optimal performance and to prevent problems before they occur.

Managed Solutions

Sobo offers a wide array of managed services that enable you to focus on your core competencies without the fear of technology limitations. Some of the managed services Sobo provides are:

Private Cloud Server

Sobo Private Cloud Servers provide all the necessary components to take your IT operations into the cloud. Private Cloud Servers enable you to harness all the cost, scalability, and flexibility benefits of cloud computing.

Managed Online Backup and Disaster Recovery

Sobo online backup solution will help you protect and secure your data while keeping it easily accessible for instant collaboration.

Business Continuity Services

Sobo Business Continuity Services will allow your business to recover from a disaster. Whether your firm faces the extraordinary challenge of fire, flood, criminal activity, extended power outage, or the pain of natural disaster, the Sobo IT support team will be by your side to help you get running again quickly.

IT Management As A Service:

All of the services Sobo provides can be rolled into an “ITMaaS” offering, allowing you a simplified monthly subscription IT support model that can adapt to the requirements of your business.

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