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Benefits of Cloud Services

Increased Collaboration

You can’t wait on the time it takes to send emails of necessary files to every relevant personnel member in order to get work done. Immediate and cooperative access to digital tools, documents, and more help improve teamwork between your employees.


The data stored on hardware is always susceptible to physical damage or theft. By working with a technology advisor from Sobo, you can ensure all of your data is kept safe on a secure cloud-based solution. Our strategies result in reliable infrastructure and continuity.

Automatic Software Updates

Don’t use valuable time trying to work through manual updates to your technological infrastructure. Our Cloud services offer safe updates to your software, without you having to do a thing. These updates keep your software secure and running smoothly.


Compared to the cost of owning and maintaining your own servers and the energy needed to keep them running, the flexibility and scalability associated with cloud computing allows businesses to experience incredible savings with increased productivity.

Services Highlight

Increased Collaboration

Give your employees the ability to work together from multiple devices and platforms! Cloud services are known for allowing the workforce to more actively and efficiently collaborate on projects and tasks, bringing in more and higher quality results.

Cloud Backup

Don’t worry about losing all of your important work and business data! Cloud services from Sobo ensure that everything is backed up and stored securely and regularly. In case of an emergency, you’ll be able to restore everything to just how it was.

Cloud Email

Rather than relying on outdated legacy email solutions, switch to cloud-based email solutions. The cloud allows you greater agility and simplicity in managing email administration and improving security, as well as providing better remote work capabilities.

Cloud Antivirus

Better protect your computers from virus threats by offloading the antivirus workload to a cloud-based server. This helps to reduce the processing power your computers need to use, while allowing safety updates to be pushed to the desktop in real time.

Cloud Servers

Virtualize your data storage and processing and ensure better uptime for your business, reliable and regular data backups, scalability and security, and more. Cloud servers offer your business more flexibility and control over how your data is stored and used.

Cloud Phone Calls

Are physical phone systems not a great fit for your company or workforce? We’ll help you choose and transition to VoIP phone options that have proven their effectiveness and ease of use with many different businesses. Transform your business communications!

Cloud Document Management

Document management is vital for almost every business, and with more documents being stored and shared virtually, you need a cloud solution that manages these documents per your business needs. The cloud offers better access, security, and integration.

Cloud Security

Make sure all of your virtual data is safe with our cloud security solutions. Our technology advisors work with you to put proper security measures in place and to choose the safest tools when it comes to possible vulnerabilities and threats to your data.

Remote File Sharing
& Collaboration

Our ability to share and collaborate on files, especially the largest, has grown past the days of having to copy them on a disc and physically hand them to each other. Ask our advisors about what remote file sharing option is right for you.

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