Managed Services

As your trusted IT partner, Sobo offers a wide array of managed services that enable our clients to focus on their core competencies without the fear of technology limitations. We want you to focus on your work– allow us to handle your technology operations.

Some of our managed solutions include:

Endpoint Protection

At its most basic level, endpoint protection is software that attempts to protect computers connected to the Internet from viruses, malicious software, ransomware, and other criminal activity.  Traditionally, endpoint protection was synonymous with anti-virus software.  Today, anti-virus software is no longer enough to prevent cybersecurity threats.  As a result, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) software has been created to focus on advanced threats that are designed to evade anti-virus software. 

According to industry research, 70% of all breaches still originate from endpoints, despite increased spending on endpoint security.  If you’re current IT provider doesn’t include EDR in its Endpoint Protection, Sobo can help. 

Automated Support

Automated Support is an umbrella of services that work together to proactively keep system hardware and software updated.  Automated Support services include 24/7 remote monitoring, patch management, security updates, OS and third-party software updates, and scripted remediation of common issues.  The emergence of automated intelligence (AI) software to keep systems continuously up to date is no longer a fictional concept.   

The end goal of Automated Support is to increase the security posture of systems and networks, while reducing IT support labor costs.  According to Industry research, cybercrime will cost companies $6 Trillion annually by 2021, an increase from $3 Trillion in 2015.  This means that cybercrime is officially the world’s biggest criminal growth industry.  Sadly, most IT firms cannot deliver Automated Support due to the upfront platform costs and skills involved.  If you’re interested in Automated Support, Sobo delivers. 

Reporting Service

Clients will receive operational reports on remote service (help desk) and onsite support hours used, SLA metrics, and other operational reporting data.  Reports are provided monthly and per client request.

Cloud-Layer Security

Cloud-layer network security services such as DNS Protection and Web Filtering provide automated protection against advanced cyber-attacks.  By adding another security layer on top of Endpoint Protection, computers are much less likely to be successfully compromised.   

According to Industry Research, 71% of business decision makers believe the shift to 100% remote work during the COVID-19 crisis has significantly increased the likelihood of a cyber-breach.  If your current IT provider doesn’t provide Cloud-Layer protection services, Sobo can help. 

Documentation Service

Documentation required to ensure timely service is kept on several aspects of Client’s IT operations, including employee contacts, standard operating procedures, hardware lifecycle plans, and vendor contracts.  This service is necessary to minimize requests for more information and ensures our service desk team is able to achieve stated SLAs on support requests.   

Unfortunately, most IT firms keep passwords and client notes in unsecured documents and spreadsheets.  As a result, the data is not secured, and the productivity of support teams suffer.  At Sobo, clients will receive secure web access to all documentation that we keep on file on their behalf. 

Managed Online Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protect your data with our secure, automated online backup solution. We’ll provide on-premise local backups as well as remote replication to ensure your data is safe – always. 

Business Continuity Services

Most companies are able to withstand only small windows of downtime. We offer business continuity services to ensure that, if disaster strikes, you are fully operational again within hours. 

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