Selecting a Virtual IT Team That’s Proactive vs. Reactive

Selecting a Virtual IT Team That’s Proactive vs. Reactive - One Sobo - IT Services - Featured Image

When selecting the type of IT support that is best for your small business, it is important to know about the different forms of Information Technology assistance that exist and how the IT landscape is transforming. For a long time, reactive support has been the standard. However, IT firms like Sobo are recognizing that proactive approaches to supporting our clients optimize your overall experience, efficiency and profitability. Here is what you need to know about proactive and reactive IT support.

Reactive IT Support is the traditional, break-then-fix approach that has defined Information Technology for the last few decades. This means that development on your business’ software and tech only occurs after the damage has been caused to your server and business. Often this results in wasted time and money while you and your staff wait for someone to arrive on location to fix the concern. The reason reactive IT support is currently losing popularity is because of its hidden expenses – you are unable to budget for IT costs because you never know when the next disaster will happen. Furthermore, you lose out on profits while your system is down. Ultimately, this kind of support leads to unsatisfied clientele, reduced output, and frustrated employees.

Proactive IT Support is gaining traction because it requires a forward-thinking approach and provides more thorough assistance. Rather than waiting for a calamity to occur, you proactive IT team searches for and resolves technical issues before they happen, preventing any monetary or reputational damage to your business. Your Sobo virtual IT team creates resources to prevent user problems by engaging in consistent updates, antivirus scans, licensing, optimization of your business’ systems with regular maintenance, and monitoring user workstations to ensure productivity. With proactive IT support, you and your employees can trust your servers and software to run consistently.

A Virtual IT Team is the most affordable and efficient form of proactive support that your mid-sized company can invest in. Our Sobo virtual IT teams are designed to scan for any technical concerns that could affect business profitability and productivity from a remote location, so your employees can continue working without interruption. Furthermore, there are no hidden costs with a proactive team; expenses for upgrades and software monitoring are implemented on a monthly basis to support your financial forecasting and budget limitations. A Gartner study projected that by this year, “85% of customer-to-business support will be online without human interaction” – and that was before COVID-19! Your company deserves reliable software assistance to ensure your employee and customer interactions are not interrupted with unexpected issues.Beyond pre-emptive measures, Sobo offers ongoing logistical support to answer emergencies. Our systems are designed to assist you from remote locations, so you can celebrate keeping your company safe during the pandemic with an expert Virtual IT Team. Call us today at 404-999-0712 or visit us online for more information on how you can develop the IT team your business needs with Sobo. We are pleased to provide one-on-one, no-obligation consultations to interested parties.

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