Cybersecurity Advisory

Cybersecurity Protection

Sobo’s offerings are equipped with the most up-to-date advanced threat detection technology allowing us to combat the hackers head-to-head, we collect and analyze metadata about every application scheduled to automatically execute when a computer boots up or a user logs in. As soon as the hacker establishes their access, we’re there to kick them out. This will save our clients from downtime, cleanup costs and reputation damage. All for an affordable price.

Cybersecurity Monitoring

Cybersecurity Monitoring is a proactive approach to stay ahead of security threats to your networks, data, devices, web traffic, applications, and more…

SMB Risk Monitoring

Research shows that around 60% of breaches are linked to third parties. This is why continuous, comprehensive cybersecurity monitoring of all the vulnerabilities in your organization is needed. Through these monitoring services, you are able to gain valuable insight from visibility on security flaws as well as on the dark web.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Become educated on your breach susceptibility. Take proactive steps to mitigate risk and protect your organization.

  • Evaluate Risk
  • Measure Risk
  • Continuously Monitor
  • Reduce Downtime & Protect your reputation

Cybersecurity Insurance

While planning for and protecting against cybercrime is necessary, no plan or security solution is perfect. The good news is that insurance products exist to effectively cover this gap. Sobo partners with the most trusted carriers in the industry to provide cyber insurance to our clients. We rigorously evaluate offerings to ensure they provide adequate coverage for data breach response, business interruption, and cyber extortion.

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