Digital Marketing Advisory

Utilizing the advantages of digital marketing first requires understanding how digital marketing differs from traditional means, and what you need to do to help your business thrive online. The Digital Marketing Advisors at Sobo work with you to review and audit your online presence, improving your ability and confidence in successfully attracting and converting new leads and clients.

Social Media Platform Management
Sobo will plan, implement, manage, and monitor your social media strategy across one or more social channels. Having a consistent social presence will increase brand awareness and position your business as a marketplace leader.
Marketing Automation Platform

Selecting the right digital marketing and sales automation platform can make or break your marketing strategy. We simplify this decision by cherry picking the best marketing automation platform available for your business and fine-tuning it to suit your needs.


Email automation, defined workflows, website integration, and visitor analytics are some of the many functions of this service.

Website Tracking and Ranking
What good is a website if prospective buyers cannot find it? We will track your website position in the search engine results page and report regularly on its performance.
Website Hosting
Website hosting is provided on dedicated lightning-fast hardware and Internet connectivity with ongoing security and performance updates. This will ensure that your website is fast, secure, and virus-free.
Social Media Posts
Our content writers will generate topic ideas relevant to your audience. Creating written and visual content around these ideas will generate demand and interest in your brand.

Blogs are informational, educational, and/or entertaining content in article form that targets relevant keywords and topics to your target audience. They are the fastest track to positioning your business as a subject matter expert (SME) in your Industry.

Content Updates
Keeping your website content up to date lets the search engines know that your business is relevant. These include any updates to text or visual content needed to improve user experience.
Keyword research and Tracking
The process of identifying niche relevant and popular search terms that your audience is searching for, creating, and optimizing content for those keywords, and tracking how your website is ranking for those keywords.
Competitor analysis and Ranking Factors 
We identify who your competitors are, what they are ranking for, and how they are performing digitally. We will analyize and track what is and is not working for them. So that we may give you a competitive edge and be sure to out rank your site over your competitors.
Monthly Reporting and CMO Account Review 
With most Agency’s you will never have access to anyone, but the project manager assigned to your account. With Sobo you have direct access to our own Chief Marketing Officer to plan, strategize and pivot when necessary.
SEO Management
Our Team will plan, develop, implement, and manage your overall Seach Engine Optimization Strategy. Ensuring you that your audience can find you.
Social Engagement
Social media is one of the most time-consuming, undervalued, and sure-fired ways to build community, brand loyalty, and niche authority on social media. At Sobo we put the time and sweat in it takes to authentically grow your presence on social media through engagement with relevant influencers and content.
Local SEO
Local Search Optimization is a subsection of SEO that focuses on geographical ranking factors. While High value keywords with search intent can be highly competitive because you are competing globally, local search terms can be quicker and cheaper to target and rank for. Giving your site more visibility and brand more presence locally.
Off Page SEO
While on-page optimization refers to optimizing content and html source code off- page SEO refers to external ranking factors. From the beginning Google has ranked and measured authority to a piece of content by how many links are pointing back to that content from other sites. Therefore, Link building is one of the most powerful ways to improve the ranking and traffic to your site.

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