Financial Advisory

What resources do I have presently and how can I grow? Where do these resources need to be more equipped, adjusted, or potentially moved? Sobo Financial Advisors pride themselves in the ability to understand every aspect of your business’s finances. One of the most crucial aspects of any organization is accomplishing and maintaining optimal financial standing.

With our Fractional CFO Services, we can offer you a world of financial and operational understanding that starts with breaking down the right Financial schematics and planning for your business’s success.


Purchases, sales, receipts, payments, and transactions are kept organized and detailed for you in your organization’s personal ledger. Our bookkeeping services can also produce financial statements and other necessary financial reporting. Sobo will ensure that your financial transactions are recorded and documented properly so that you can sleep at night knowing the right financial information is immediately within your grasp.


Our accounting services go beyond just mere interpretation. A Sobo Financial Advisor has the capacity to interpret, classify, analyze, report on, and summarize various complex financial data for your business. You can entrust your accounting needs to us knowing that the proper information will be broken down in a timely manner.

Pricing & Profitability Analysis

Any business will understand that effective, accurate profitability and cost analysis is at the heart of excellent business decision-making. Let a Sobo Financial Advisor use cost allocation methodology to analyze your organization’s performance. No matter the dimension or department, how profitable you are and will become starts with a Sobo Financial Advisor.


IT Spend Analysis

Understanding how technology will impact your business is of the most vital importance in today’s world. A company that wishes to be competitive and profitable knows that investing into its technology infrastructure is the only way to stay operational and on top of the competition. At Sobo we pride ourselves in being able to break down a full scope of your current technology infrastructure and provide you with an IT Spend Analysis, which will give you the insight you need into how your technology is being used to propel your business forward.

Exit & Succession Planning

What does the future of your business look like? As a business owner you can become so consumed by your daily operational tasks and goals that you may overlook this important aspect. Preparing yourself and your business for the future is vital. You’ve put so much work and heart into your company, but now the time has come for you to exit. Retiring? Selling? Passing down your legacy to a family member? Leaving it in the hands of your employees? Let a Sobo Financial Advisor help you ensure that your exit is done accordingly.


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