Financial Advisory

A Solid Foundation

An organizations’ Financial foundation is the most crucial step on their journey to growth. Precision matters more than ever. Are you tired of hiring those claiming to be FP&A experts but cannot even land the basics? The focus should be ensuring that your foundation is not merely secure but equipping it to thrive.

Both short-term and long-term goals are considered when you become a Sobo client. The significance of accuracy is in focus when we take our time to breakdown a company’s innermost workings. Getting executives one step closer to business decisions that create real impact.

Bookkeeping (or Basic Accounting)

Purchases, sales, receipts, payments, and transactions are properly categorized, kept organized and detailed for you in your company’s secure ledger. Sobo will ensure that your financial transactions are recorded and documented properly so that you can sleep at night knowing the right financial information is immediately within grasp.


Interpreting precise data is necessary, though our accounting services go beyond mere interpretation. A Sobo Financial Advisor has the capacity to interpret, classify, analyze, report on, and summarize various complex financial data for your business. You can entrust your accounting needs to us knowing that the proper information will be broken down in a timely manner.

Bank & Credit Reconciliation

By reconciling bank statements and maintaining proper credit controls we are able to eliminate unnecessary headaches and maintain your company’s reputation with creditors. Working hand-in-hand with our Operations Advisory team, we can set controls in place that enforce budgets & prevent unnecessary spending.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Now your company’s foundation is set in stone. Our specialized Financial modeling adds one more missing piece that brings clients closer to accomplishing the goals they’ve set.

Financial Statements

From Income Statements, Balance sheets, Statement of Cash Flows to Pricing & Profitability Analysis and everything in-between. Any business will understand that effective, accurate profitability and cost analysis is at the heart of excellent business decision-making. Let a Financial Advisor use cost allocation methodology to analyze your organization’s performance.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Budget allocation allows growth to happen in real-time. With our expertise in budgeting and forecasting our team of Advisors are able to breakdown lofty goals into actionable steps. Your company’s dreams are accomplishable.

Industry Benchmarking

Dependable Advisors will keep in mind the industry your company operates in and the research they’ve done on your organization along the way. Industry Benchmarking gives us a picture of just how to beat your competition.

KPI Dashboards

When you become a Sobo client you will have access to a personalized Financial Dashboard with up to 10 business performance metrics or KPI’s. This is included in your fee at no additional charge. Real data, in real-time.

Financial Advisory Vs. Fractional CFO Services

Unlike a full-time CFO whom directs general financial strategy or an interim CFO who performs financial duties in-between a full-time hire taking place; a Fractional CFO’s duties are on a project by project basis. Up until now Fractional CFO’s are thought to be the best solution for companies’ challenges.

Now, as the business world continues to evolve a Fractional CFO is often not solely dependable enough to carry the needs of a full-sized organization. A team of Advisors is better suited for the advanced and foundational challenges that companies face.

Why Is Financial Advisory the Better Solution?

Many small to mid-sized companies already have bookkeepers & accountants. Unlike in-house resources, a financial advisory team provides goal-oriented, results-driven expertise in Basic & Advanced accounting practices as well as FP&A at a fraction of the cost of a Fractional CFO. Compared with Fractional CFOs who bill at a fixed cost of up to $1,000 per hour.

On top of that, our experience has been that outsourced CFO objectives are not always transparent or well defined. Decision makers often end up with bills that have multiple hours beyond scope of work. After all, Fractional CFOs are not accustomed to oversight, and due to their focus on managing client relationships, the actual accounting & finance work gets left behind. Unfortunately, Fractional CFOs often end up overpromising and under delivering. Contact for a complimentary Financial Performance Scorecard.

A Problem Worth Solving

Financial data is a powerful asset. Are decision makers truly cognizant of how impactful it can be? Does a company’s financial competence have a meaningful impact on organizational growth? Businesses with sadly deficient internal financial information are more likely to make bad decisions that affect their overall business. With us your company will go from basic bookkeeping to strategic financial management.

We don’t just use spreadsheets and quickbooks. Our Financial Advisory teams are data-empowered, results-driven and communicative. Whether you’re looking to hire on a full or part-time basis, hire a fractional CFO, a full time CFO or seeking insight into your financial strategy we provide a solution catered to you. Your business is unique, and we know that.
We are on a mission to power prosperity for our clients. From Accounting and Financial Reporting, to Business Performance Analysis and Advisory solutions, Sobo provides businesses with the information and expert guidance to thrive. When Financial challenges arise let us provide expertise that gives you peace of mind.

Technology at The Forefront of What We Do

Our trusted Advisors know that Technology is a powerful tool. Leveraging machine learning where appropriate, our cloud-based Technology solutions are able to avoid common clerical errors while complying with both audit and review guidelines. Executives and Chief Financial Officers no longer have to be concerned about Finance working against them. Instead, we work for you.

Sobo is a pioneer of business advisory for the small to mid-sized. Our relationships with gold standard solution providers have been intentionally developed through many years of experience. That’s how we can offer you the same caliber of solutions that Fortune 500 companies have access to. This is aligned with the values we are founded on.

Interdepartmental Accessibility = Rocket Growth

At Sobo, service and transparency go hand in hand. Every step of the way your opinions will be taken into consideration. To keep you informed your information will be provided directly to you in monthly 1-to-1 sessions. Decision makers will have the opportunity to discuss how your data is performing with expert Advisors. At your review sessions complimentary insight will be provided to you from our varying disciplines. These include Technology, Sales, Operations, and Digital Marketing Advisory. Contact us today to discuss your needs and goals.

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