IT Security Advisory

In today’s technology climate, no matter the business, every organization is a technology firm. Your company’s most important assets, outside of its people, is its data. Whether it’s customer information, private financial data, or production work useful to competitors, security is a vital link in your information technology chain that must be properly assessed and managed.


Risk Management:

Sobo will assess your information and communication technology infrastructure and provide solutions that safeguard your most vital data and systematically minimize threats—effectively strategizing to keep the door shut on intruders.

Controls & Compliance:

Industry practices, investor demands, customer requirements, state and federal laws, and insurance policy are among the many forces driving most business security compliance requirements. Sobo will incorporate these requirements to customize and create practices that keep your organization compliant with authorities and key stakeholders.

Security & Anti-Virus Solutions:

Just one click on a suspicious-looking link by an employee and your entire network is running ineffectively. You’ve been compromised, your printers are on the blink, and your staff has lost use of their machines, sending them home while work lingers. You have lost days of productivity resulting in lost monies and time, potentially customer trust, and possibly vital data that may never be recovered.

Viruses are not just technological nuisances—today they are productivity and profit killers. If leading Fortune 100 corporations can be attacked, unfortunately so can you. No business can afford down-time. Sobo deploys leading security and anti-virus solutions while constantly monitoring network activity to identify and eliminate threats before they become crucial business challenges. Sobo will even work beyond deploying the best solutions available by training your staff on how keep their workplace from being compromised.

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