Operations Advisory

Sobo’s insights and experience on operational excellence helps your business transform by improving the processes.  See the areas we can help your business get to the next level.

Organization Structuring

Sobo helps you designate how all aspects of your company are aimed at reaching your goals. This is done through task allocation, how you work together, and management/employee roles. This provides the building blocks for your procedures and targeted direction.

Measurements and Reward Systems

Accurate measurements are essential as it applies to job descriptions and the way they those jobs are designed as well as setting performance and reward targets and goals.


HR Platform

Human resources software combines a number of key functions and administration to assist your company in every area from storing employee data, payroll, benefits, attendance and much more.


HR Management

Sobo provides Human resources assistance on several fronts.  We assist with documentation by providing handbook, policy, and procedure writing.  We also assist with employee retention and cost reductions. 


Planning and Budgeting
We help companies because we understand that change is a constant. Growth or reduction require planning let us assist you in this process by budgeting and resource auditing vendor relationships and price improvement methods.
Process Improvement
Sobo examines the series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular goal with your supervision, workflows, and productivity reviews.
Customer and Client Relationship Management
Sobo knows the key and knowing how you perform is essential. We can improve your satisfaction, client retention through auditing your process, survey creation, and evaluations.

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