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A downward sales trend has struck at the very heart of what makes sales organizations tick. Business owners are asking: What should we do now to keep our sales productive and profitable? And what does this mean for the future of selling for us? 

The answer is, sales departments are suffering immensely. Some are facing a real crisis, from poor: management, KPI’s, lead generation, staffing, promised deliverables, or lack of an effective CRM tool.   

Faced with these challenges, sales organizations need to be pro-active by reaching out for assistance to continue or improve business continuity.     


Sobo can help you from hiring or supplying salespeople or managing parts or the entire process.  This includes activities such as generating leads and account prioritization and planning.  As new information emerges or planning changes arise, a flexible mindset is needed for adapting quickly. For example, with social distancing, even salespeople now must work remotely, using online video, social selling, email, and more. The added value of teaming with Sobo is the use of technology because we are an IT firm.  This works especially well with repeat customers, and customers who are well-informed.  


If you have reduced sales staff, then increasing the use of platforms and alternative sales channels are key. Decreasing sales will always constrain companies and their ability to pay staff.  Our call center uses approved scripts with trackable results.  We help to reduce sales costs and align well with digitally savvy and informed buyers. Our CSM’s encourage customer loyalty and retention by helping customers realize ongoing value. Our client’s numbers are increasing as companies expand focus on growth from existing customers, especially in complex environments. 

Sobo is proactive so, we also look at what challenges in the current environment will become permanent and act as a team player who can collaborate well with others. We will assist your company to become more comfortable coaching and managing remotely. In addition to leveraging technology to make sales recruiting, training, and other programs more effective and efficient.  

The answer then becomes easy, Sobo helps your business increase sales at a predicable monthly spend. 


Sales must be an infectious culture in your business. This is enabled through a goal-based methodology that results in teams that perform with purpose and value.  


Sobo’s Sales Advisory team supports you in converting new clients through generating leads and moving prospects through your sales pipeline. We assist you in building relationships for your business using a suite of Industry-leading platforms and automation tools. Our end-to-end approach will also equip your sales staff with a compensation system based on company goals. 


Through powerful tools, measured performance, goal setting, and the creation of scalable habits, our Sales Advisory team empowers you to validate and nourish your business. 


Ready to move forward with equipping your sales team for over-achievement? 

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