The Foundation Of Effective IT Support & Advisory (Questions/Answers)


Is IT support and advisory about new technology? Low-prices? Or maybe something else? Read on to find out what it’s really about.

What Is The Key To Truly Effective IT Advisory?

Is IT support and advisory about new technology? Low-prices? Or maybe something else? Read on to find out what it’s really about.

Yesterday we got a call from a local business. They weren’t a client of ours; we knew them, and had marketed to them before, met them here and there, but it had never really clicked. This time was different.

You see, they called about one specific thing. Not whether we offered this specific cloud service or that other specific cloud service. It wasn’t about our response times, or SLA guarantees, or anything like that. No, it wasn’t even about our pricing.

They just wanted to know one thing – would we care about their people? Do we care about ours?

What Is IT Really About, After All?

You may have heard that industry-leading, award-winning, unbeatable IT services come down to one specific thing; maybe it’s offering the latest, greatest, fanciest, tech gimmicks (which also tend to be the most expensive). Maybe it’s the lowest possible monthly price (coming, of course, with a long list of addendums, conditions, nickel-and-dime fees, etc.)

While that may be true for some, and it may be profitable for many, the reality is that all of those service features listed above? They’re fluff. Incidental. Superfluous.

What really matters in IT? Why, people, of course.

What Is The User’s Role In IT?

Think about it – without the actual end user, everything about technology means nothing. User-friendly, intuitive design is consistently adored by users, often regardless of price point, and other considerations. Likewise, technology that is difficult to use, confusing, and even punishing in its User Interface is abhorred and often dies a quick death on the market.


Because the user is everything. At the root and core of the IT industry (and the industries of its clients) are people. Users trying to get work done on time. Users looking for a way to work from home with ease. Users that want their IT support to pick up the phone when they call.

So while fancy new technology is all well and good, it’s only worth it if it meets the user’s needs and improves their experience. Bottom line: the user experience is the single measurement for the quality of any given solution or service.

That includes IT services.

What Is The Key To Truly Effective IT Advisory?

It’s for all these reasons that truly effective IT advisory and support services are rooted in attention to people – that means users on the client end, and employees on the other.

  1. Every Client Is Important
    Listen, when it comes to paying lip service to the client, talk is cheap. What does this actually mean, in practice?First of all, an IT advisory provider that really cares about their client will be available and attentive. That means no labyrinthine auto-attendant phone system that routes incoming calls through a maze of options, most of which end without connecting to an actual technician. When the client calls, a real person answers.
    Follow-through is also vital. When a support request is received, progress made and updates to the ticket have to be detailed, regular, and effective. A crippling IT delay simply can’t be left for days if the support provider claims to care about their client.
  2. Every Employee Is Important
    It wouldn’t mean much to say that people are important when it only means the client’s staff, right?

    Just as an effective IT support and advisory provider would focus on their client’s user experience, they should also be concerned with their employees’ job environment. One influences the other, and vice versa – happy employees make for happy clients.

    What does this actually mean? For one, investing in the employee. That means offering a competitive salary, providing benefits and time off. Beyond that, a quality business (in any industry) invests time and other resources in their culture. From regular and constructive employee performance reviews to social events, culture is a big part of on-the-job satisfaction.

    Investing in staff members also means recognizing that their knowledge and capabilities are an asset. Arranging for staff members to gain further education and certifications will only increase the quality of service, and the pride those employees take in their work.

    Put simply? An IT support and advisory provider needs to back up their claim about valuing people. In practice, it becomes obvious when it’s just a hollow marketing plot.

    This is precisely what #OneSobo is all about – recognizing that our success and your success is based on the people involved in both our organizations. Every client is important, and every employee is important – simple as that.

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