Top 10 Reasons Companies Are Outsourcing Their Internal IT Departments


Do you know what your internal IT employees do all day? It’s more than likely that they spend their days putting out fires and dealing with tech questions and emergencies. Would outsourcing your IT support give you any pro-business advantages? Check out these 10 reasons to switch.

Top 10 Reasons Companies Are Outsourcing Their Internal IT Departments
Do you know what your internal IT employees do all day? It’s more than likely that they spend their days putting out fires and dealing with tech questions and emergencies.

But when you think about leveraging technology in the company, you don’t think about IT firefighting, do you? You know that technology can be your competitive advantage and has the capacity to move your operation up a level in efficiency and productivity.

But to get to that level of technology use, you have to get away from the IT firefighter model and move toward a proactive, pro-growth IT management strategy.

Leveraged Technology — That’s the #2 reason that companies move away from internal IT departments to outsourced IT services.

What’s the #1 reason companies switch to outsourced IT management, maintenance, and operational management? — Money.

It costs a lot of money to find, keep, and pay internal IT staff. As an employer, you’re financially responsible for their sick days, vacation pay, maternity leave, pay, and benefits.

But their salaries, time off, and benefits are not the only place that you’re losing money.

Companies that look into IT management soon come to realize that outsourced IT companies can take advantage of economies of scale and provide equal or better IT care than an internal IT department for less money.

Reason #3 – Always-On Support — What do you do when your IT staff is gone home for the day or on vacation?

Outsourced IT support is by nature an on-demand service. Having IT technicians available to assess and remediate any issue at any time is the hallmark of professional IT support.

Do you have highly responsive, always available IT support from your internal IT department? Likely not. Breaks, lunches, evenings, weekends, sick days, and vacations get in the way of having the always-on, comprehensive support a growing organization requires.

Reason #4 – Core Business Focus — If your internal IT techs are busy putting out fires, how can your business focus on what really makes you money?

Providing your team with the ability to focus on the core of the business is an important function of outsourced IT support. An outsourced managed IT services team is better equipped to provide a company with a secure, stable, efficient computing environment than is an internal IT department.


Because the model of outsourced IT support focuses on a proactive approach that addresses small issues before they become big problems that impact productivity. Although responding to emergencies is part of the overall service provided, outsourced IT support isn’t primarily an IT firefighting model. Instead, IT support professionals take a proactive approach to provide on an ongoing, stable computing environment.

This scenario enables your employees to work efficiently and focus on core business processes instead of being distracted by computer slowdowns and breakdowns.

Reason #5 – Employee Happiness — How happy are your employees when their work is slowed or stopped because of IT troubles?

As we’ve noted, the model of most internal IT departments is a model that focuses on the IT emergency – not holistic stability and productivity. As a result, IT staff go from problem to problem – trying to keep the systems working and everyone happy.

But when the computers, servers, or cloud assets aren’t working correctly, and employees can’t get their work accomplished – or worse, lose all the work they’ve done when something crashes – employees get upset.

Who do they blame for the work slowdown?

Sure, your internal IT employees get their share of the blame – but so do you.

Outsourcing your IT support to an IT services company helps keep employees happy and their work on track.

Reason #6 – Business-Centric IT Consulting — Why can’t internal IT staff offer executive-level IT advice?

The guys – and ladies – in the trenches have a hard time seeing the entire battlefield and over-arching strategy.


They’re too busy.

It’s that simple.

Internal IT departments are generally understaffed and overburdened. Their busy days lead to a sort of tunnel vision that doesn’t have time for new technologies, strategies, or the bigger picture of business success.

Outsourced IT teams are different. Outsourced IT teams, such as Sobo, have IT professionals that understand both the technology and high-level business strategy. By factoring in the IT consulting from these professionals, a business leader is able to make tactical decisions based on informed and up-to-date IT advice.

Reason #7 – Increased Flexibility – How do you position your company to take advantage of the next opportunity?

It’s always easy to look back and say, “I wish we could have made the most of that moment.”

But let’s face it.

Opportunities come and go so fast sometimes that it’s hard to catch and ride the wave.

In fact, it’s nearly impossible if you don’t have the right IT support team on your side.


Because nearly every opportunity in modern business has an IT component to it.

If your internal IT team doesn’t have the time, capability, and foresight to set up your systems to be able to pivot to the next big thing, you get left behind.

Reason #8 – The Latest Technology – Where do you find out what’s new, what’s working, and what’s not?

Internal IT technicians have a job to do. From their perspective, their task is to keep your IT systems running. So, they treat your IT systems like the family mini-van and keep working on it. A patch here, some oil there, a new part there, and your network is good for another thousand miles.

But what if you really need an upgrade?

Sure, internal IT guys will always talk about the new equipment or software that they want in order to make their job easier, but will it make your company better?

Because outsourced IT support specialists care for the IT systems of many companies while keeping an eye on emerging technologies for their clients, they are able to evaluate each new technology as it comes out and can give advice on each new option.

Reason #9 – Reducing the Risk – How do your internal IT staff elevate your cybersecurity posture?

Most technicians in an internal IT department scenario are not cybersecurity specialists. Because they have to do everything, they tend to be a “jack of all trades.” While this general-purpose competency is needed on a team, the risk profile of most businesses requires IT people with specialized skills –, especially in security.

Hiring an outsourced IT team with one or more persons that have focused specialty in IT security helps you reduce your company’s risk of falling victim to hackers, ransomware, adware, spyware, and others.

In addition to having access to IT security specialists, hiring an outsourced IT team allows for a measure of shared risk with the outsourced IT team – lessening your own exposure.

Reason #10 – Improving Delivery of Goods and Services – How can outsourcing your IT improve your customer’s experience?

Outsourced managed IT services companies are most profitable when your IT systems are working flawlessly, and your employees have all their IT questions answered.

The outsourced IT team maintains and monitors your IT system’s operational functions to ensure that your staff have a secure, reliable system from which to deliver goods and services to the client. The advantage is that small issues are addressed in the background – with near-zero downtime. This provides your employees with the opportunity to get their work done more quickly, meet deadlines, and keep customers happy.

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